NYT op-eds that inspire simplicity

I’m a regular reader of the New York Times (and can I just say– tough reads lately), but I don’t often get to the op-eds. I should though, because there were two pieces in the past couple of years that have really inspired me.

When we think about pursuing simplicity, we often are unsure of where to start. The word “simplify” theoretically inspires a sense of calm, but paradoxically, it can make one anxious.

Okay, I want to simplify. But how? When? Where?

There is more to simplicity than just throwing stuff away or clearing our schedules. There’s a mindset, a philosophy, and a likely counter-cultural spirit behind it.

And that’s why these two NYT pieces I’m sharing today are so inspiring. In a nutshell, they address two major killers of simplicity in our lives today: busy-ness and money-addiction.

While these topics may sound serious, I really hope that you’ll give both of them a read.

I would say more about the articles, but my writing pales in comparison to the articles themselves.They’ll make you laugh, make you think, and potentially (though hopefully not) make you cry.


THE BUSY TRAP by Tim Kreider


Enjoy, and have a simple, purposeful weekend.