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I’ve recently written about how we can become generous with our resources, not just with our stuff. I’m a huge fan of giving great gifts (no, not gift cards, gifts)– and will spend hours looking for the perfect present. And despite the absolute over-commercialization of the winter holidays, I cannot help but adore holiday window decorations; actually, I’m already excited. So no matter how minimalist I become, I’ll never surrender the joy of gift-giving. Purchasing gifts for close friends and family can be a wonderfully agonizing experience; I usually start planning for birthdays and holidays weeks in advance. But what about great go-to gifts for people who do not require such focused shopping? We all know that candles and scarves can feel overdone; as can bottles of wine (though usually appreciated) or boxes of chocolate. Here’s my suggestion!

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Treat-filled Mason Jar Gifts

There’s been a movement in the world of DIY and hipsters to use mason jars as versatilely as possible. But one thing I do love about these little glass containers is how intentional and put-together they can look. They carry a strange industrial air to them that is sort of Brooklyn-meets-Restoration-Hardware, and they serve as good packaging in themselves. Plus, mason jar gifts are useful in their entirety; once the treats gone, the jar can be reused.

Fill your mason jar gifts with anything that is somewhat personal to you: a DIY project, your favorite candies, or a collection from a recent trip. I love this gift because it is incredibly affordable but still sincere.

So, how can we fill our mason jars? Let me count the ways…

  1. Delicious homemade granola— a recipe I just posted yesterday.
  2. DIY sugar or salt scrub.
  3. Your own signature trail mix (great for students and people who work long hours).
  4. Flavor-infused olive oil such as rosemary or lemon.
  5. Your favorite jellybeans, m&m’s, mints, etc.
  6. A spice or herb mixture such as mulling spices for fall/winter or Herbes de Provence for spring/summer.
  7. Dried lavender buds.
  8. Sea glass, rocks or shells legally collected from a local beach.
  9. Mini apple pies or plum crumbles.
  10. Homemade peanut butter or hummus.

Minimal wrapping required. I used a bit of twine and card stock for labeling– be sure to include an ingredients list! Enjoy!

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