Have you ever wondered why teachers do what they do? My dear blog friend Hannah from Just Bee Blog is taking over today and sharing a letter she would write to her students! Please show Hannah some love, and then head over to her blog to read about why I want to be a teacher. Take it away, Hannah!


Boys and girls,

Do you know why I teach?

I teach because I care about you. I’m sure you’ve heard your teachers say that before. But there’s more to it than that.

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I am grateful that you are my student – yes, specifically you! I believe that you have been placed in my life – in my small group – for a reason. I get to interact with you, to “do daily life” with you. Even if our lessons are short, our time spent learning together is important.

I like spending time with you. Our small reading skills groups are a special, safe community. I think what you have to say is important. Each of you has your own special way of wondering and asking and trying and learning. You have some pretty big questions, and I love hearing what you notice about the world around you.

Why do I have such high expectations for you? Because I know you can rise up to meet them. When you tell me, “I don’t know how to read!” you know I’ll answer, “But you know how to try.”

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Stay motivated and determined. Fight to find the right answer, push hard to remember what I’ve taught you. I want you to understand that hard work is important and it is worth it. And as much as I want you to understand vowel pairs or consonant blends or the silent-e rule – as much as I want you to become a fluent reader, I care most about your character and who you are becoming. That is why I pause our lesson: not just for the little things like remembering to sit on our pockets or zip our lips, but to explain the importance of saying encouraging comments, staying respectful to me and to others…yes, we need to learn how to read, but when it comes to developing your character – these are some of life’s most important lessons.

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I don’t ask you to remember me in the future. But I do ask you to try your best, accept second chances, and stay dedicated while you’re with me this year. I know you think you walk into my classroom to learn from me, but…I learn from you, too. You may never know how the little things you say and do affect your teacher. I’m always learning and growing, just like you.

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I believe in you. I believe you can accomplish so much more than you think you can.

I didn’t have to become a teacher. I chose to do this job. It is quite hard sometimes, like I’ve even heard one of you say 🙂 But I believe that teaching is one of the most important things I could do…because I am investing in you and your future and I get to watch you improve and grow!

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My workspace: productive, happy clutter. 🙂

I know that you are our country’s future. Yes, you’re young right now, but trust me when I say your mind and your skills and your decisions will be affecting our world someday! You will be grown-up sooner than you think. It is my job to guide you as best as I can now, and help you to become the person you are meant to be.

I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow!


Your teacher, Mrs. Olson

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