Friends, this is going to be a great month. Some of my sweet blog friends have shared their October goals and dreams, so I thought I would share mine!

This time last year…

I was in Cambridge, MA finishing up my senior year of college. I celebrated the birthdays of two of my best friends, and finally made it out to the Arnold Arboretum to frolic in fallen leaves. I took so many photographs of New England beauty that I hardly remember the drab and chilly weather. Last October was really special. Here are some photos I snapped last year.

Happiness and leaves at the arboretum.

Happiness and leaves at the arboretum.

this october 3 this october 2 this october 5

This October I am excited to be in a new place. While the palm trees here in SoCal don’t change much from season to season, there are many other things to celebrate!

My Ten Goals for October 2014:

  1. Make pumpkin-flavored macarons. And possibly salted-caramel too!
  2. Keep up with the reading in my courses on family systems and therapy interventions.
  3. Find my favorite sushi spot in Pasadena.
  4. Journal. And pray.
  5. Start and finish this online course about generosity and philanthropy with Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen.
  6. Actually exercise regularly (I’m serious).
  7. Spend quality time with new classmates and neighbors.
  8. Be creative with my fall wardrobe.
  9. Laugh a lot at random things, take deep breaths when I’m stressed, and let go of control.
  10. Meet more blogging friends and enjoy their lovely blogs (**comment below if you want me to check out yours**).

What are YOUR October goals and dreams? I’d love to know about them!