Over the holidays, I got a new phone. Hint: It’s large.

I chose it partly because I realized that I could actually use it as a Kindle– the gadget I never got around to purchasing.

While I had the reading app on my old phone as well, I rarely used it because the screen was so small. If I made the font larger, then only a few sentences would actually fit on it before I had to swipe.

But for some reason, I’ve always had a place in my heart for paper books. I like the feel of a paper book. It’s easier to find that paragraph I liked a hundred pages prior. And as much as I’ve used the highlighting tool on my Kindle App, it just doesn’t do justice to underling and note taking with a real pen in the margins of a real book.

Furthermore, as a blogger and blog reader, I already spend a lot of time looking at screens. I think there was a day when, other than when I was working with students, I spent almost all of my hours facing a screen. Ouch.

Screens vs Paper 1

So, just for fun, here are a few points of comparison. And of course at the end, I’ll want to know what YOU prefer.

Kindle App Pros:

– Read on the go or while waiting
– Ebooks are cheaper and sometimes free
– They take up less space and create less clutter
– Adjustable font size
– Purchase and immediate download
– Difficult to misplace and can keep on multiple devices

Paper Book Pros:

– Not on a screen when almost everything else is
– Easier to flip through and find favorite passages
– Pens, highlighters, stickies can be used
– Easier on the eyes– no “blue” light
– Share, borrow and gift
– No phone notifications to distract from reading
– Some books are beautifully made

Which one wins out for you? Are you gravitating towards doing all your reading on electronics? Or are you still a paper book lover? I’d love to know!

P.S. What’s your favorite book right now?