I don’t live in a concrete jungle, but I don’t live in a lush forest either. So I can become so accustomed to seeing very little green and very little nature from day to day. And I can forget how much joy it brings me to go outside– not just down the street to the public library, but into a space where creation is thriving.

This past weekend, we went back to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, an absolutely incredible place to walk around.

The whole garden seemed to breathe: some plants were just awakening to the sunlight, while others were withering away, at the end of their season.

Magnolia trees are in full blossom right now, and their leafless branches boast large ornaments in pink, fuchsia and blush.

The serenity captured me. It made me feel at peace– in a way that reading, watching TV, napping, drinking tea or hitting the gym cannot.

My thoughts? I need to do this more often.

Into the sunshine

Furthermore, I was blown away by the beauty and uniqueness of the bushes, trees, vines and flowers. They were magnificent just doing what they naturally do– blooming, reaching towards the sky, offering shelter to small creatures.

I’ve written in the past about how much I’ve cared about physical beauty. I’ve put so much work into it.

And yet, here were hundreds of plants that simply thrived on sunshine, nourishing soil and water.

So I’m committing to going outside more— to wilderness, to gardens, to truly fresh air and unhindered sunshine.

I’m committing to see physical beauty as the pinnacle of nature’s creativity, an effortless show of what’s possible on this precious earth.

Into the sunshine 1


Do you like being outside? What are your favorite places for outdoor adventures?