There are bloggers who have blogging down to the numbers. They’ve figured out where their readers live, what their readers click on, and even how old their readers are. Thanks to trusty Google Analytics and the occasional reader survey, lots of these figures are accessible to an online writer.

But what about opinions? Personalities, experiences, and interests? How will a blogger know who you really are– apart from your demographic and the links you like?

Only if you comment.

Why You Should Comment On Blogs

Before I started blogging, it never occurred to me to comment on the blogs I read. I may have loved the articles, had an opposing opinion, or shared it with ten friends, but I never said anything to the blogger.

Now that I’m a blogger myself, I’ve realized that my own silence robbed those blogs of something really important: personal feedback. I wish I had told them what I loved about what they were doing. I wish I had shared my opinions and disappointments. I wish I asked my questions and expressed my doubts. I wish I had told them how much my friends and family appreciated their work.

You see, blogging– like writing of any kind– can be a lonely pursuit. It can feel as though one is speaking in a room with great acoustics but no one to hear. In reality, many blogs have at least a few regular readers that the blogger doesn’t know in person. And in my experience, those readers matter. A lot.


So, if you’ve been following a blog for a while and enjoying the posts, perhaps it’s time to leave a comment. Here are several reasons to do so!

Why You Should Comment On Blogs

1) It’s a unique opportunity to give feedback. Without your comments, the blogger is stuck with page views, social media shares, and clicks to decipher whether her blog post was on point. She doesn’t know exactly what you liked or didn’t like– only that a post was either popular or a dud. Giving a blogger feedback means that she will hopefully come back with even better posts for you to read. A win-win!

2) Bloggers love genuine engagement. Most bloggers I know would love to be told how they’re doing well and how they can improve. They love that moment when a reader connects with their content– whether by trying a recipe, wrestling with an idea, sharing an experience, or even admiring an outfit. Whatever it is that you have to say, you’ll be encouraging the blogger by showing that you care enough to say it.

3) You can actually connect with the author. How often is it possible to write to the authors of your favorite books and get a response? Rarely, I imagine. Many bloggers, however, will actually take the time to write you back, and suddenly you’re no longer just a reader– you become a contributor, too. Your reaching out to a blogger can influence the way that they write and what they share. You can help shape the content AND gain a friend!

4) It’s a way of thanking them for free content. If you’re not a blogger, perhaps blogging appears to be an easy endeavor. Jot some words down, hit publish. How hard could it be? It’s true that lots of blogs are just that– word vomiting online and hitting publish–but good blogs require a lot of work. Just as books are not published in one day, and rarely are good books free, high-quality blog posts also require time, money and hard work. Enjoying a blogger’s content for free is a great perk of having Internet access; and the blogger is indeed choosing to publish for free. However, if you’ve enjoyed the free content on a blog for a while, perhaps it’s time to show your appreciation. I sure wish I did, and now I do.

5) You’re helping build community around something you care about. It’s one thing to be passionate about a subject, and it’s another to participate in a tribe of passionate people. When you leave a comment, it shows other readers who you are– and gives them an opportunity to connect with you. In my experience, these types of positive connections are always a good thing. Not only are you creating momentum for a blogger who deserves it, you are also creating buzz around a topic you consider worthwhile.


Are you a frequent commenter or a silent reader? What keeps you from commenting on blogs you love? If you’re a blogger, what do you like most about receiving comments?