As I mentioned last week, my husband and I are looking to move! When we first came down to Pasadena, we had decided to stay in graduate student housing and it has been nothing short of lovely. But it’s time to find something that better fits our needs.

So, this is technically the first time that I’m helping select a new “home”. Though it’s not permanent, it still feels somewhat significant.

And I know that there’s nothing less productive than browsing places we can’t afford or scrolling through Pinterest… but sometimes I can’t help myself!

4 things I look for in an apartment

Fingers crossed, we’ll have a little balcony!


Furthermore, it feels like this is our first official home together. Our little apartment is cozy and totally functional, but we didn’t have too many to choose from. It was not unlike picking out my dorm room in college (which, by the way, had this awesome view).

Cambridge in late winter

View from my dorm room in 2013: Cambridge, MA in late winter

As we embark on this journey, I’ve needed to really think about what kind of space I’d like to spend time in for the next several years. Beyond setting our budget, choosing the number of bedrooms and looking within reasonable distance of where we work and study, we’ve had to talk about what matters to us when picking out an apartment.

Dreaming and surfing the web are nothing like looking at the real thing. And when it comes to the “real thing,” I’ve had to ask myself what’s truly most important to me.

So here are 4 things I’ll be looking for as we go apartment hunting.

1. Natural light.

4 things I look for in an apartment 1


Everything is more beautiful when light is natural. So bring on the sun! I don’t mind if our furniture fades, I want that gorgeous light flowing through our windows every morning. It lifts my spirits and doesn’t hurt when it comes to food photography!

2. A spacious kitchen.

4 things I look for in an apartment 2


This might sound strange to some people, but cooking and serving food is our favorite joint hobby. We spend so much time in the kitchen, so I would love for it to be a large space (though the kitchen above is much larger than what we’ll have). I have also promised to teach friends how to cook, so we’ll need to fit more than 2 people in there at once!

3. A walkable neighborhood.

Walking the in-laws’ dog this summer!

I’ve said in the past that I struggle with exercise– but I’m almost always in the mood to go for a walk! Currently we live near a gas station and where a Greyhound bus stop used to be, so it’s not a very walkable area. I would love to live somewhere with quiet sidewalks that are perfect for jogging or strolling. The weather here is perfect for that!

4. A simple layout.

4 things I look for in an apartment 3


Our apartment won’t be large, but I hope it will have wide-open spaces. Some homes are built with a thousand nooks and crannies, strange corners and separations. But for me, the fewer walls and angles, the better! This makes the space feel less fractured.


What do you love about the home you live in? If you’ve ever looked for a new place, what were your top priorities? I’d love to know!

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