Last week, I introduced my Spring capsule wardrobe and talked a bit about why I’m doing it. The main principle behind this simple wardrobe project is this:

Clothes should be made for the body, not the body for clothes.

Pretty straight-forward, right? I’m coming from the perspective that our possessions should serve us while we pursue the things that matter most deeply (hint: not our possessions). But oftentimes we find ourselves subject to our possessions– organizing them, buying them, pursuing them, and then getting rid of them.

But there are lots of different reasons why you might want to try a capsule wardrobe, and I want to share them here. There’s no point in trying a project without end results, and I bet that some of these goals might even impress you!

5 goals for your capsule wardrobe- reasons to try #minimalism in your closet!

5 Goals for my Capsule Wardrobe

1) Refocusing my energy and resources. I don’t think I’ve ever been a shopaholic, but I’ve recently shared some of my weakest moments in purchasing items I don’t need. I want to spend my time, emotional energy and hard-earned cash on things that matter. I’m cutting “being ultra-fashionable” from that list.

2) Developing my creativity. With a larger wardrobe, I’ve often looked either a bit drab or overdone– mostly because I’ve agonized over what to wear, and then thrown something on at the last minute. Instead, I’d like to spend time actually being creative with a smaller wardrobe rather than constantly being at my wit’s end with a larger wardrobe.

3) Appreciating what I have, clothing and otherwise. Within the first week, I quickly developed an appreciation for the 40 pieces in my capsule wardrobe. I’d look at my hanging shelf full of capsule pieces and think, this piece is so great– so is this piece! It might sound surprising, but owning less has made me more grateful for what I have.

4) Developing confidence outside of my image. Sure, there might be days when I wish I could wear something new to a social gathering. But those are the moments when I hope to remember that the best impression I can make isn’t through my clothes at all. Beyond an appropriate outfit, I hope to clothe myself with joy, warmth, and humility.

5) Seeing others for who they are. The less attention I give to my own clothing, the less I’ll probably notice about others’. I’ll still gladly pay a compliment where it’s due, but I hope that I’ll develop a deeper sensitivity to the people around me rather than simply noticing how they look and what they’re wearing. This will– with time– make me more sensitive to others.


5 goals for a minimalist wardrobe- simplify your closet!


The outfit I’m sharing today is a basic jeans & t-shirt combo. I love both these pieces so much, and they are perfect for the work that I do.

The solid dark colors allowed me to play with the rest of the look. The curling iron gave my hair a bit of a lift, and bright lipstick really stands out against black. Lastly, this is a great way to wear a statement necklace. Outfits like this help your accessories to really shine!


What do you think of capsule wardrobes? Have you tried simplifying your closet before? Click here to see all 40 pieces of this season’s wardrobe!