One of the greatest things I started in 2014 was this blog.

I wrote a post a while ago about deciding whether your blog is a hobby or a business, and the importance of knowing the difference. Having said that Simplicity Relished is a hobby, I’ve felt the need to share why I do it. If it’s not for money, then what is it for?

So often, we bloggers get caught up with numbers, growth, approval and our own sense of influence. While none of these are bad per se, I think they can make us lose sight of all the wonderful things that blogging can bring.

So in what ways has blogging enriched my life? After considering it for a while, here’s what I’ve come up with.

6 Ways that Blogging has Enriched my Life | Simplicity Relished

1) Meeting incredible people, some even in person!

I can’t say how fantastic it has been to connect with readers and bloggers. I have such deep admiration for people’s ideas, creativity, words of wisdom and reflection, photographs, and adventures. When readers comment thoughtfully on my posts, I’m forced to think a bit deeper about my own ideas. And of course, I’ve met a few wonderful fellow bloggers in person, and could not have been more amazed by our instant connections. Blogging has opened more relational doors than I could have expected.

2) Developing a non-academic writing voice.

I’ve loved to write for a long time, but pretty much only did so for school. Blog writing is different, to say the least. It’s so important to connect with readers on a personal level rather than to impress them with the complexity of ideas. Developing my own blogging voice took some time, but it now feels as though I’m writing and sharing ideas with old friends. I know that this is an important skill, both online and elsewhere!

3) Becoming more intentional and exploring new hobbies.

One of the reasons I started blogging more seriously was that I knew it would force me to be more sensitive about my surroundings, and to be more committed to doing the things I love. Whether it’s traveling, cooking or entertaining, I’ve been more intentional about developing those passions in order to share about them on Simplicity Relished. As a hobby, blogging has encouraged me to more persistently pursue my other hobbies as well. A win-win!

4) Expanding my understanding of what it means to be an adult.

Meeting friends through blogging has helped me realize that being “grown up” (i.e. done with college) doesn’t mean that I have to take a traditional career path or race towards a prestigious advanced degree. Sure, I’ve met people who are in graduate school or other traditional careers, but I have also met those who are pursuing their dreams in other ways. This has been eye-opening, humbling, and ultimately freeing.

5) Finding inspiration.

This is a no-brainer! Reading about new ideas, testing recipes, perusing travel stories and ogling gorgeous travel photographs have all been sources of everyday inspiration! Through the blogosphere, I’ve been inspired to try new things and visit new places. Bloggers who share words of encouragement for life, health, faith and wellness also remind me everyday of what my values are. I’ve so enjoyed learning from other bloggers!

6) Letting go of perfection.

When you’ve blogged for a while, you realize that the comparison game is a killer of joy. You also know that you’ll make mistakes: write that low-quality post, accidentally offend, forget to spell-check, run out of photos, and much more. Letting go of my desire to be perfect has meant for my blog to be an imperfect space. It has meant that while I have high expectations for myself as a blogger, I don’t always meet them. And that’s okay. My work is still on the internet, and people are still reading it. Imperfection doesn’t have to hinder me from doing this!


Are you a blogger? In what ways has blogging enriched your life? I would love to know!