Hi Simplicity Relished readers! I’m Anita, and I write a lifestyle blog called Always, Anita where I talk about everyday fashion, travel adventures and my life in Los Angeles. I’m so thrilled to be here today — I love Daisy’s heartfelt writing and the broad range of topics that she shares. She’s a girl after my own heart!


I believe that what you wear can be an exciting, empowering form of self-expression. I’ve always loved clothes, but for a long time, I only wore about a quarter of the pieces in my closet. The other clothes just hung there, worn perhaps once or twice, before I’d finally (usually years from their purchase date) admit that they weren’t quite right and donate them.

In order to break this cycle, I started to be more mindful of my purchases. It’s made all the difference! Here are my guidelines for building a wardrobe of clothes you love.


1. Know Your Size. I don’t mean by the number, but by the way things fit. I have a wide range of sizes in my closet — the important thing isn’t what’s written on the tag, it’s the way the clothes fit your body. Pay attention to the seam on the shoulders (it should sit right where your shoulder bone protrudes) and the way the fabric drapes. Any bunching? Do you feel like you have to stand up extra straight? I’d pass.

2. Understand Your Coloring. Jewel tones look great with my skin tone, but most pastels? Yikes. Get to know which colors flatter you and make you feel confident, and stick to those. This doesn’t mean that your whole closet has to be the same color — rather, that your closet should be a rainbow of colors that bring out your natural beauty. When in doubt, bring your most honest, stylish friend along for feedback.

3. Be aware of your body shape. It’s likely that you already know your shape — you just have to acknowledge it! My hourglass figure loves nipped-in waists, while my tall, athletic friend looks amazing in crop tops. Understanding what looks good on you is actually really freeing. It allows you to go into almost any store and filter their products based on what you know will make you look your best. I’ve been known to buy things from the petite section (despite my average height), because I like a slightly shorter hem on my legs. It’s just more flattering!

4. Decide how much you’ll pay before you check the price tag. One of my friends in college used to play this game, and I’ve been using it ever since. If I’m out shopping and I find something I like, I’ll often decide how much it’s worth to me before I look at the price tag. That makes the decision pretty easy — if the price tag exceeds what I’d told myself I’d pay, I move on.

5. Don’t judge the clothes by the store. The people with the best style can put together an outfit from all kinds of brands and price points and look outstanding. They don’t shy away from a store because of its reputation or typical demographic. It’s so fun to go into a store where you normally wouldn’t shop and find a true treasure that fits your personal style perfectly. So next time you’re at the mall, give a new-to-you store a chance! If you keep in mind your body shape, sizing, and colors, I have total faith that you’ll uncover a treasure or two. 🙂

6. Keep trends cheap, and invest in the classics. I wouldn’t consider myself a trendy dresser, but it’s fun to try out a new style every once in a while, right? When I purchase something trendy and it’s not expensive, I feel a whole lot less guilty if it doesn’t work out. The classics are worth putting a bit more money into, because you know that they’ll be loved for years. I’m looking at you, riding boots. 😉



What are your tips for selecting lovable clothing that lasts? 

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