Let me be the 500th person to observe that November flew by. Now that we are in the final month of 2014, I’m realizing how much my year was characterized by busy-ness, change, and rushing from place to place.

While I love having things to do, places to go and people to see, I confess that I am tired. I am bone-tired, and sometimes I feel as though I could sleep for weeks.

I usually share a monthly goal-setting post (see October and November), but this month I’ll be planning to accomplish less. My overall goal for the final month of this year is to slow down.

December Silence 1

From a church program last December

Slowing down is hard for me. I’m an externally-motivated person, so it’s hard for me to set my own pace and be satisfied with what I’m doing. Instead, I am constantly looking around for feedback, striving for approval, and looking to improve. This is not necessarily bad, but it does mean that at the end of the day, month and year, I am exhausted.

Making monthly goals, then, is less about being accomplished than it is about remembering what’s important to me. I find that when I make a list like this, I remember what truly matters!

How did I do on my November goals? Let’s see:

  1. Build strong and nurturing relationships with the students I’m tutoring.
  2. Make those pumpkin macarons!
  3. Read for pleasure– when was the last time I did that?
  4. Finish thank-you notes from our June wedding so they don’t arrive right before our Christmas letter.
  5. Make our first couple’s Christmas letter! I’ve gone back and forth about this, but have decided that it’s a great way to wish people well who are otherwise hard to reach.
  6. Exercise. Even just a few times– better than nothing.
  7. Continue to grow my blog and make the most of my November sponsorships.
  8. Complete my application to Aspire Teacher Residency, where I hope to earn my credentials and learn to be an excellent Special Ed teacher next year!
  9. Start creating the list of gifts to send to friends in December.
  10. Joyfully finish my current courses in family therapy!
Beautiful cherry blossoms that surprised us last December!

Beautiful cherry blossoms that surprised us last December!

December Goals

  1. Finish my final application essays to Aspire Teacher Residency, where I hope to become a licensed Education Specialist next year!
  2. Use my alarm clock and resist looking at my phone first thing in the morning.
  3. Exercise a little more than I did last month.
  4. Learn to make a black bean recipe that I like: I’ve been looking for a good recipe and would love suggestions!
  5. Have a few nice, long conversations with my mom. We’re both busy!
  6. Spend time in silence and solitude before celebrating Christmas. Think. Reflect. Pray. Trust. Journal. Meditate.
  7. Try cross-country skiing when we are in Colorado!
  8. Make gingerbread cheesecake to share with family and friends.
  9. Go to bed earlier.
  10. Wake up rejuvenated, rested, and ready to love and encourage the people around me.


What are YOUR goals for this month? Did you accomplish what you wanted to in November? I would love to know!