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When I embarked on Project 333, I had very few pieces on hand to start. Most of my things were in boxes and I was already using a restricted wardrobe. Naturally, I picked my best pieces and was determined to wear them all month long.

But there’s a difference between choosing to own less clothing and having access to less clothing. If my now-unpacked closet is at least 5 times the size of my Project 333 wardrobe, then why would I want to stick to it? Self-control is tough, folks!

denim yellow 4

Outfit #4: Yellow Dress + Denim shirt

I love yellow!!! Some people consider it a difficult color to wear; I believe it all has to do with finding the right shade of yellow for your skin tone. Whether marigold, electric, golden or pastel, yellow is a confident color that makes people happy!

What I wore: This golden-yellow piece is actually a special souvenir from Venice in 2011, so I can’t find something quite like it online.  But empire-waist cotton dresses are everywhere– from Target to Nordstrom– and they are seriously so versatile. Dress them down with flats and denim for daytime; dress them up with glamorous jewelry and heels for a night out. Or do what I did– a bit of both! The denim shirt is a soft lovely piece by C. Wonder (similar here). It is such a useful piece.

denim yellow 1

Pull it together: I love the primary colors–yellow, blue and red. To add a pop of red, I wore Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Lipstick in Red Tango. On my feet are my beloved wedding shoes!

denim yellow 5

denim yellow 3

Now that I’ve worn each Project 333 piece once, my next goal is to demonstrate how versatile the pieces are. So the next few posts will feature one item and the numerous ways to wear them. Perhaps I’ll convince you, as well as myself, that it is okay to permanently downsize a wardrobe quite a bit!  Be sure to subscribe to my blog (to the right) to get all the updates!