I’ve sung the praises of Mexico City and coupled them with detailed travel tips. So this post will be a little different.

Last week, we spent 4 nights in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City– a serene, treelined section with quaint coffeeshops and restaurants galore. But my favorite thing? Strolling through the neighborhood.

There is something deeply relaxing about wandering with no immediate destination in mind. I get to take in little details like stained-glass windows, hanging balcony plants, and children playing millennia-old Mayan games. (To be fair, Aaron does all the navigating and I follow like a puppy…)

What I love most about Mexico– where I’ve visited at least– is the innovation that proliferates on playgrounds and sidewalks and porches. People make beauty all the time, whether it’s decorating a small space, making delicious simple food, or street cleaning with a broom and water from a puddle. It all makes me smile, and realize that creativity is a choice that requires no special processes, environments or tools– simply a desire to make better.

This time, we explored Mexico City with Aaron’s mom and brother, and we found ourselves endlessly commenting on what we saw. There is just so much life; music pours out of taquerias and garbage trucks alike. There’s nothing fabulous in quite the same way as this city of cities. Enjoy these snapshots!

I cannot wait for our next trip to Mexico City. As you can see, there is so much to love. And if you’d like a more comprehensive overview of the city, definitely check out my guide for first-timers!