Sometimes we need to step back and seriously think about what we’re doing. And that’s what I’ve done here with Simplicity Relished.

You see, when I wrote last month that I would be blogging less than usual, it was in part because I felt unsure about what exactly I was so committed to. So I’ve given it all some thought. I’ve given my own life some thought. 

If I were to take a cross-section of my mind and show it to you, here’s what it would look like. Lots of ideas. Lots of fear. Lots of pressure. Lots of wants. Lots of images of what I can be and hope to be.

Lots of pride.

And so, I’ve felt convicted. Yes, this blog has always had a touch of minimalism and simplicity to it– but I don’t know that I’ve truly committed myself to all that, until now.

My journey towards minimalism goes beyond capsule wardrobes, real food and community building, though it is certainly all those things and I’ll be writing about them. But more than these projects is the need to quiet myself and to be okay with quietness.

I’ve realized lately how tempting it is to strive for all things high-profile. Can you relate to this? As bloggers, we always want more followers. As professionals, we’re always looking for recognition or promotions, Even as members of our family, we seek ways to stand out above the rest, or to be everything to everyone.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tripped and fallen into the “excellence” trap. Many, many times.

So the challenge of living small and living quietly is a hard one. And I’m not talking about being unpopular or not achieving great things– quite the contrary.

What I mean is, I could use some peace. I could use some space. I could use some freedom. And I could definitely use some humility.

Refocus 2

This is a blog about minimalism and the humbling journey of stripping away excess.

This is about owning less.

This is about doing less.

This is about thinking of myself, my desires, my image, and my accomplishments less.

In all of this “less,” I hope to find more. More enjoyment. More meaning. More gratitude. More freedom. More peace.

There is a great work to be done in my heart. That work is to slough off the scales of self-pressure, envy, perfectionism, and image-driven vanity. It is to wash away my endless need for new things, and instead to quench that need with generosity and grace.

It’s not new things that I need. What I need is to be made new.

Refocus 4

I desire to learn to live in contentment and peace. A quiet life. A simple life. A life that does not merely boast of accolades and acquisitions. A life that is not just a long résumé designed to impress and intimidate.

And do I know exactly how to get there? No.

But I do know that the beginning of wisdom is when we cast ourselves aside and actually listen. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey towards becoming that person, building that life.

Simplify with me. Minimize with me. Let’s come alive to what matters more.