Welcome to a new weekend series! In Wedding Snapshots, I’ll be sharing some photographs from my wedding and reflecting on what those special moments meant to me. I hope you’ll celebrate along with me as I reminisce!

Daisy + Aaron Wedding

Why Your Girlfriends Still Matter

Balancing a serious relationship with other close friendships can be quite difficult. We often find ourselves choosing between our partners and our friends on a Friday evening. It can even be tempting to tell ourselves that being devoted to our relationship means sacrificing all others. But friends, this could not be further from the truth.

One thing that made my wedding so special was the presence of my very best friends who walked down the aisle with me. In that symbolic moment, they reminded me of all the seasons my husband and I had already journeyed through. They had witnessed it and cheered us on.

And at the wedding, they helped me stay calm in moments of great emotional pressure; they fought battles I did not even know about. They blessed us with toasts and prayers that brought me– and our guests– to tears.

Daisy + Aaron Wedding

I would say my relationship with my husband is better because I sometimes chose quality time with my girlfriends over dates with him. These women watched me grow within the context of my relationship as well as our own friendships. We asked each other questions and talked about our struggles; we cried over our brokenness and laughed about our frustrations.

They fought with me and they fought for me. After years of doing life together, they were ready to lead the crowd that ushered me into this new season of covenantal life. And they watched the ceremony with great pride and joy because they actually knew me, as well as the story that had reached a new beginning that day.

Daisy + Aaron Wedding

Friends, it’s so important to continue loving and investing in our nonromantic friendships no matter where we are relationally. Those of us who are blessed with the opportunity to reach great emotional depth with our friends will find support there for our romantic ups and downs. Then when we walk down the aisle– if and when— and we see their sweet faces, we remember that no relationship is intended to be isolated unto itself. Whether in sisterhood or marriage, we are designed to give, to care, and to bring life and joy into the lives of others.

Daisy + Aaron Wedding

I am so grateful for the women and men who walked beside me and led me to June 7, 2014. Without them, I would probably not have married my husband; I would have been consumed in my own pride, delusions and fears. They gave me courage and humility to do it– to become a woman who could. Three cheers for incredible girlfriends!

Daisy + Aaron Wedding Daisy + Aaron Wedding

In what ways have your friends helped you walk through various relational seasons? I would love to know! And check out my amazing photographers.

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