Welcome back to the Capsule Accessory Series, where I share my capsule wardrobe secrets and how I use accessories to spice up my wardrobe. All the pieces featured here are from Noonday Collection, my favorite jewelry and accessory company. Noonday collaborates with artisan businesses throughout the developing world, creating beautiful fair-trade pieces as well as sustained opportunities for dignified work.

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First, a few questions…

What if you could change a simple outfit into a statement with a single piece of jewelry? Would you wear those clothes more often? Worry less about having a “boring” wardrobe? Feel more confident about your sense of style without needing to constantly buy more clothes?

This is what I’ve been able to accomplish with statement necklaces.

There’s nothing like a statement necklace to elevate an entire outfit. An everyday dress becomes a polished office or date night essemble. A t-shirt becomes interesting and trendy in an instant. And your necklace can have an impact on practically everything in your closet. It’s pretty much magic.

5 powers of the statement necklace- the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe

5 Powers of Statement Necklaces

1) They add instant color or sparkle.

I love adding a pop of color to neutral outfits. I have lots of neutral colors in my current capsule wardrobe, and my statement necklaces dress up those colors instantly.

2) They turn casual into chic.

This is possibly my favorite thing about statement necklaces. They make a casual, thrown-together outfit seem like a statement. A t-shirt and jeans is nothing to write home about, but a statement necklace makes the entire outfit memorable. There is little more chic than taking an everyday wardrobe and elevating it with a simple statement necklace. I do it all the time!


3) They’re great conversation starters.

Statement necklaces can be a bit intimidating to those who aren’t used to them; but once you do start wearing them, you’ll realize what a fun way they are to get to know other women. A statement necklace garners comments and interest– and if you’re wearing pieces from Noonday Collection as I am here, you’ll get to tell the story behind each piece. A compliment on your necklace can lead to discussions about fashion and art, fair trade and travel, or even your capsule wardrobe.

4) They draw attention to your face.

A good statement piece has the power to brighten your face! Because it serves as a reflection of your complexion, it draws the eyes up– which is what you want! One of the major things I like most about my capsule wardrobe is that my fashion doesn’t have to enter the room before I do. Keeping it simple allows for people to see me— not just my clothes. I think a statement necklace is the greatest balance between a creating a fun outfit you love, and still allowing your self to shine through.


5) They are universally flattering.

Contrary to what many women think– I’m talking to those of you who say you could “never wear that”– statement necklaces look good on pretty much everyone. Even as a small person, I’ve found that even some of the chunkiest necklaces are actually not too large. Where as dainty pieces can make a tall person look larger, statement necklaces don’t actually make small people look smaller. The key is that they reflect the face, and that looks good on everyone.

The bottom line: statement necklaces are a capsule accessory requirement!

If you hope to create a lasting and satisfying capsule wardrobe, and are thus building your capsule accessory wardrobe, then statement necklaces are a game-changing requirement. Find styles that you love: colorful or neutral, short or long. No matter what you choose, you’ll find so much more excitement to show off your jewelry against the backdrop of your simple wardrobe.


Featured necklaces:

The Latifa Necklace from Uganda: I love this necklace for its gorgeous turquoise paper beads, and its story. Latifa is one of the women artisans that makes this necklace, and she is a force of nature!

The Siren Song Necklace from India: This is such a graceful necklace that shows off the amazing glass traditions from India. I love the weight of the glass beads, as well as the fun color scheme that reminds me of earth, sea and sky.

The Tamia Bib Necklace from Ecuador: This is clearly one of my favorites; I wore it here too! This necklace is made from tagua seed that has been carved and dyed with organic vegetable dyes. I love that it’s adjustable and combines the soft blues and greys with a lovely pop of orange.