Let’s be honest. Wandering around the mall (or Walmart or Target) is a real American past-time.

A pretzel, a swimsuit, and a few shopping bags later, we find ourselves having spent more money than we had planned when we initially said we’d go “walk around.”

And if you’re trying to resist buying things you don’t need, a trip to the mall is probably not what the doctor ordered.

But it’s so hot outside.

I get it– the mall offers “free” air conditioning, right? Well, perhaps. It would be free if you didn’t drop a single dime while you were there. You get the point.

So what options do we have in the summer that don’t involve shopping and subsequently cluttering up our homes?

I’ve got a few ideas for you that will not only protect your wallet, but also possibly expand the list of options you have for any open weekends coming up.

what to do if you are avoiding the mall this weekend- 8 fun ideas

What To Do This Weekend If You’re Avoiding The Mall

1) Try making that recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.

Don’t have a food inspiration board? It’s ok, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my inspiring salad board, my pasta favorites, and of course my dessert to-do list. I’ve got plenty more ideas stashed away too.

2) Head for the mountains, the lake, the beach, or the forest.

I hope you have one, if not more, of those near you. These areas do tend to be cooler than the city, and they’re the perfect place to wander around, take a picnic, or do some active hiking.

3) Clean out your closet and sell your clothes online.

Removing clutter is always a good idea– until you literally have no more of it. If you’d like an easy way to sell your gently-worn clothing, read this post that teaches you exactly how to do that!

4) Head to a museum you’ve been meaning to get to.

I don’t know why I haven’t been to many museums around Pasadena. I used to be an avid museum goer when I lived and traveled in other cities (does any city beat New York on museums?!). There’s plenty of aircon there (bring a sweater) and lots to be learned and admired.

5) Host a cocktail hour at home and make your own beverage.

We had some friends over last night and served this delicious and simple sangria. It was a hit! Have people bring their favorite brews and exchange recipes!

6) Get lost in a book.

So many of us complain about “never getting to read.” So pull that book off your shelf that you’ve been meaning to get to, and sit with some fresh no-squeeze basil lemonade!

7) Work on your photography.

Is getting better at taking pictures a goal that you have? Work on it this weekend! Don’t wait till you’re actually traveling or at an important event to practice; the time to improve is now. Here are some tips on improving your photography without spending money!

8) Start on that long-term project you’ve been putting off.

Need to refresh your garden? Repaint a wall? Write a book? This is your weekend. Get to work, and you’ll feel good about the way you spent your time.

Oh, and speaking of long-term projects, I wrote an e-book! It’s a workbook on courage that I think you’ll really like.

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What are you doing this weekend? Any other ideas for avoiding the mall?